2022 Investment Predictions

It’s that time of year again! The world's top independent thinkers and investors are sharing their 2022 predictions. So why do predictions matter? These thinkers are early adopters. They live at the fringes of the internet and see the future before the rest of the world even wakes up to it. Sure, many of these predictions will prove to be incorrect. But ignoring them would be unwise…

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It’s that time of year again! The world's top independent thinkers and investors are sharing their 2022 predictions.

So why do predictions matter? 

A quote by fiction writer Willam Gibson perfectly sums it up. 

These thinkers are early adopters. They live at the fringes of the internet and see the future before the rest of the world even wakes up to it. 

Sure, many of these predictions will prove to be incorrect. 

But ignoring them would be unwise…

These thinkers have invested in or created multiple billion-dollar companies…and in 2022, they’ll do it again.

Today we’ll explore: 

  1. 📈  Top investing trends for 2022: Read as “what problems will companies solve?”
  2. 💡 New year, new EPO: Leveling up in 2022

I've read the virtual filing cabinet of 2022 trend predictions from top entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and investors and have surfaced 3 that I find particularly interesting.  I encourage you to dig in, explore, find your own signals that resonate with you.

3 exciting predictions:

Prediction by 7 Ventures: Home Sweet Home – The future of healthcare will shift back to the home

Largely driven by COVID-19, the aging population and the rising prevalence of chronic disease, the future of healthcare will largely shift to the home. This shift will extend from low-acuity urgent care visits to higher-acuity long-term care such as hospital in the home and continuous preventative care for the elderly, economically vulnerable, or people with multiple chronic conditions. For example, MedArrive leverages a technology-enabled care delivery solution driven by a network of EMS providers to bring affordable at-home care to vulnerable populations across the country.

Companies are also responding to the needs of the aging population by providing blended virtual and at home care that expands beyond traditional clinical care. As companies like Homethrive have demonstrated, the market is ripe for such technologies to support both the aging population and their caregivers.

Callum Comments: In 2021, we saw an explosion of investment in virtual care services. While I believe this market will cool down, I think it aligns with an industry-wide shift in care frameworks. 

Digital Health Funding - 7 Ventures

Value + quality (value based care) is becoming critically important within the healthcare ecosystem. Health plans, which control the money flow of the entire healthcare system, are placing particular emphasis on their capability to bend the healthcare cost curve. I believe that preventative measures, opposed to reactive measures, are the only sustainable way to do that. 

We’re already seeing early signals of this preventative outlook with companies like Cityblock, a tech-first virtual care service, and Everly Health, at home health testing, being pushed by insurance companies to its members. 

Prediction by Lan Xuezhao, Founder & Managing Partner at Basis Set Ventures: 

“The next big thing in 2022 is investing in private companies becoming much more democratized, with everyone investing. Institutional investors need to operate substantially differentiatedly to win, and the venture fund ranking reshuffles every couple of years.”

Callum Comments: There are a few trends that are important to follow here. 

  1. Companies staying private longer: There has never been more capital in the private markets. Companies are delaying the typical IPO path and early-stage private investors are capturing the majority of the returns. 
  2. The rise in community-based investing (e.g GameStop + Reddit): As Mark Goldberg mentioned in his 2022 predictions, the rise of social/community-based trading means that individuals now own 12x the amount of the stock market as hedge funds.

The retail investor class is educated. Alongside the increase in community-based investing, where retail investors invest together, comes unprecedented influence. These investors will put pressure on regulatory bodies to change polity to support unaccredited investors getting access to early-stage, pre-IPO, opportunities.

Prediction by Mark Goldberk, Partner at Index Ventures: As time spent in the Metaverse explodes, so will the complexity of our financial assets. The merger of virtual and fiat wealth will redefine every service offered by a traditional bank.

Imagine a world where:

  • You can get a CC secured by your portfolio of NFTs 💳
  • Your mortgage application takes into account your Roblox Robux as personal assets. 
  • Your income from play-to-earn games like @AxieInfinity verifies you’re a trustworthy tenant on a lease 🎮

Millions of consumer balance sheets will have meaningful virtual assets next year -- just b/c it's hard to value them, doesn't mean they should be ignored.

A next-generation of virtual/fiat products is around the corner. 

Callum Comments: I’m pro-metaverse and believe Web3 will change the way we build and buy, but I don’t think this trend is just limited to Web3.

Most Gen Z and Millennials consumers see themselves as “gamers”, meaning they spend a large portion of their lives online.


Modern fintechs are partnering and integrating with these attention aggregating platforms (gaming platforms) hoping to beat rising customer acquisition costs (CAC). 

I predict that this trend will support the rise of the next generation of payment networks, replacing traditional payment tracks like Visa and Mastercard, creating a universal payment network where value can flow ubiquitously across our online and offline worlds. 

Thinker list - 2022 Trend Reports: 

EPO Prediction:

As we’re in the spirit of predictions, I thought I’d share a prediction for Early Public Offering (EPO). 

It’s been an amazing year for EPO, we grew from 0 members to over 3,000. But in 2022, we have much bigger plans. 

Predictions for EPO: 

  • Grow from 3,000 members to 100,000 members
  • Become the leading source for private market investing education

We plan to do this by meeting with the country's top thought leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs decoding their investment strategies, and bringing you along for the ride. Beyond interviews, we’ll conduct primary research, going deeper than anyone else on the topics and trends that are shaping the investing landscape of tomorrow. 

We’re excited to be on this journey with you.

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